Operation strategy for a gourmet food Company.



The operation strategy of this particular gourmet food Company aims to make an action plan to reach the goal.  It is a part of the Business plan of this company. This strategy is about making a complete plan on how to use the resources to produce and deliver the gourmet food to the customers. The operation strategy of this company fully supports the overall business strategy by determining where the company is and where it want to be. The operation strategy of this company establishes the budget and a list of activities for each year. However, this strategy of this company contains the factors as below:

  • The operation strategy of this gourmet food Company is directly related to implement business objective.
  • It makes a list of the activities that need to be done to achieve the business goal.
  • Operation strategy measures the quality of the standard of the products.
  • Operation strategy measures the desired outcome.
  • Operation strategy help make a plan regarding the staffing and other resources.
  • The operation strategy sets a timetable and show how the process will be implemented.
  • Overall, operation strategy gourmet Food Company monitors the progress.


Figure: Operation Strategy of a gourmet food Company